Do you want to actually enjoy life – your career – your business?  Want to look forward to opening your bank statement?  Does it seem far-fetched for you to have a huge savings account?  Is it crazy to think about yourself living carefree - not worrying about covering expenses, making payroll, going on vacation, investing in self-care? 


Hi, I'm Christa and I know all of this is not only POSSIBLE for you, but this abundant life is a realistic expectation for you.  If you are anything like me, you are probably thinking, “Yeah right – nice try Christa.  Are you also about to tell me all I need to do is believe it and it will come true?” 

NOPE.  Because we aren’t living in the next Marvel fantasy movie and I hate to break it to you, Beautiful, but you aren’t Cinderella.  Sorry.

I’m not a genie and wishing, even really hard – squinting your eyes and saying your mantras 100 times a day wishing - isn’t going to result in a *poof* million-dollar bank account.    

What you ARE going to do is actually get down to the nitty gritty actionable steps through proven mindset WORK to get your ideal life.  No gimmicks.  No get rich quick scams.  But you will get out of that fear money mindset that is holding you back. 

At Creola Coaching, I will mentor you to get out of your own way, so you can SUCCEED - whether you are a small business owner, lawyer like I was for 19 years, entrepreneur, professional woman in transition, or a mom returning to the workplace.  I will provide the safe space and tools for you to bust through your money blocks and achieve the breakthroughs YOU need.

Are you ready to stop worrying and make a change?

What is Business Voodoo?

Business Voodoo EMPOWERS you.

You're probably wondering what is all this voodoo hooey?  No, I'm not going to perform any black magic or spells...well, actually, you ARE going to change your mindset - so it is a little bit of magic and mind control!  But, YOU are going to be in control. 

Voodoo is about empowerment and responsibility, which is exactly what is going to happen when we cut through all the emotional clutter and hidden beliefs holding you back.


Ready to sleep through the night and forget the 3 a.m. panicked wake-up with your mind racing about money? 

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Together, we will work on the recipe to transform your life.

Get out of Overwhelm and Procrastination Paralysis

       If you are:

•    Saying Yes when you really want to say No
•    Scared to raise your fees
•    Discounting your rates at even the hint of hesitation from a potential client
•    Second guessing your fees and worried about how to handle questions about the value you provide
•    Accepting trade and barter instead of payment
•    Feeling like no one gets your business or the service you’re providing
•    Having imposter syndrome thoughts
•    Worried no one will think you are amazing or understand the value you are providing
•    Constantly feel like you're in the weeds
•    Staying in relationships when continued involvement no longer serves you and makes you feel bad
•    Letting others run your schedule, making their priorities your priorities
•    Micromanaging and feeling unable to delegate
•    Trying to do everything yourself instead of asking for help
•    Excessively worrying about getting something perfect, instead of getting anything done
•    Feeling like you’re just “not ready” yet
•    Living in feast or famine
•    Worried about how to return to the workforce when you’ve been “out of the game”  for years

... then you probably feel overwhelmed and paralyzed

At Creola Coaching, you will learn how to set boundaries, realize and accept your value, declutter everything holding you back, uncover hidden belief systems that are limiting your potential, take massive action steps, learn how to deal with money blocks and the fears behind them, and change your money story.


Change your money story to make more money.