Private Coaching

Private coaching sessions are all about YOU and YOUR needs. 

One-on-One Coaching is for you if you are finally ready to start to do the real inner work with focused determination to gain confidence, start setting personal and financial boundaries, eliminate negative self-talk and stop undercharging.  

If you want to:

  • Find out how to take your income to the next level
  • Discover and move past unconscious money blocks holding your career and business back
  • Learn how to eliminate fear, doubt, and negative self-talk 
  • Experience personal, professional and financial transformations

Then individually focused and tailored private coaching sessions will help you achieve the ABUNDANT life you deserve.

Accountability & Action Partner


1-on-1 coaching with me is either in-person if local, by phone or Zoom video-conference.  For best results achieving lasting change, I recommend that clients commit to at least 90 days and optimally 6 months of coaching.  I also offer Lagniappe Launch packages for a jump start into coaching with me.

I want you to see amazing results so I WILL be your accountability and action partner.  That means I am completely dedicated to coaching you through panic, overwhelm, fear, procrastination, and feelings of complete uncertainty, and I will not hold back on telling you like it is - in a loving and constructive manner, of course.  My goal is for you to TRANSFORM your life into abundance aka The Business Voodoo of You.  

Schedule a complimentary call with me to discuss whether individual coaching is a good fit for you.  


Its time to live life to the fullest!