Become Successful Without Becoming Someone Else

Are you an introverted professional or business owner?  Do you want to share your services, skills and talent with the world but struggle with the self-promoting behavior that seems to come naturally to extroverts?

Does even the word "networking" make you cringe?  And what about the dreaded small talk?  You are gifted at making deep connections and a great listener but the loud, salesy approach seems pretty offensive.  Welcome to our club!

If you are anything like me, your ideal world would be you create your offering or service, put it out into the world and the world who wants your service finds you.  You either want what we have created or you don't. 

You could be a yoga teacher, a naturopath, a writer, personal trainer, health coach, web designer, engineer, lawyer, artist, dance instructor, studio owner, personal chef, intuitive, massage therapist, musician, stay-at-home mom running a small business - you name it - but if you are an introvert, it can be a real struggle to navigate an extroverted business world.  

The truth is that introverts have serious power and unique gifts that make them amazing business owners and professional leaders.  Of course, that's not the message you have heard all your life and it's certainly not what the online marketers are peddling while trying to get you to boost your business. 

After running a law firm, starting my own businesses, coaching other lawyers, attending numerous networking and client development events, I was compelled to create a program just for us that rebelled against this stereotype of introverts.  I wanted YOU, my fellow introvert, to know there was another way and it was possible to become successful without becoming someone else.

It may seem like the business world is tilted in favor of extroverts.  That is certainly the way I felt for a very long time.  I felt it during my school years, through college and definitely in law school.  No room for quiet lawyers!  After a mock deposition for trial advocacy, the instructor said, "I'm calling you, Sybil, from now on.  You've always seemed so quiet."  In law firms, despite excelling beyond my peers, I heard things like, "I was worried about working with you but Frank said you actually did an amazing job in trial."   

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I spent many years trying to work against who I was, getting out of my comfort zone, doing all the things they tell us to do.  Because supposedly, after repeated stretching beyond what feels good to you, it will actually start to get easier. Right?? That's what everybody is telling us.  I say bulls**t. 

Look how happy I was before trying to fit in by becoming someone else!

I spent 20 years pushing limits and I have to tell you, it never felt good, it never felt like me, and I was pretty damn miserable about it.  I want something better for you.  I want you to feel good about sharing your gifts and talents with the world.  

And that is what we are going to do in this Bootcamp.  But because this was designed just for you, it's not going to be some massive group setting.  It's called a Bootcamp - but, it is a private, one-on-one Bootcamp for You!  

That's great, Christa, but what are we going to actually get out of this?  

Well, I'll tell you.  I absolutely adore my Money Makeover Intensive and I believe that going through the program can change your life by changing your relationship with money.  But, it is a 6 month private coaching intensive with me, and that kind of time and investment is not available for everyone. 

My personal experience as a highly sensitive introvert figuring out how to rise up the ranks as a trial lawyer in a large law firm, starting my firm, starting my own business and thinking about all the things I wished that I had known back then, only fueled my passion to help other introverts succeed in their careers and businesses.  It's rough out there!  And there were many times back then that I wished I had a mentor who I could trust and who understood to coach me through those murky waters. 

I created the Introverts Business Voodoo Bootcamp out of that passion - to be that trusted mentor and coach and so more people could benefit from the transformation.  This Bootcamp  is a streamlined and more affordable version of the Money Makeover Intensive redesigned specifically to empower introverted business owners and professionals.

So, what ARE we going to be doing in this Introverts Business Voodoo Bootcamp?

All of THIS amazing and transformative work, that's what!!  During the Bootcamp, you will:

  • Unlock your hidden money beliefs

  • Identify gaps and blind spots holding you back

  • Uncover self-sabotages and declutter emotionally and physically

  • Learn how to set boundaries

  • Make decisions from a place of empowerment instead of fear

  • Figure out how to grow your career and business in the way that feels good for you instead of the way everyone is telling you is how you "have" to do it

  • Learn how to build connections based on your inner strengths and gifts

  • Clarify your specific business and career goals

  • Create focused action steps to achieve your ideal

  • Get past excuses, procrastination, fuzzy ideas, and feeling stuck

  • Find your strength IN your comfort zone, learn how to be visible and focus on your superpower (Wonder Woman style! - can you tell I'm a huge comic book nerd?)

  • Learn how to have conversations about money in your business or career so you can start earning what you are worth

  • Change your money mindset, learn to work with the fear and anxiety and create your new money story

  • Feel supported and empowered to grow your business and make changes with less stress and less overwhelm

Here's how the Introverts Business Voodoo Bootcamp works:

  • The Bootcamp is a 6 week program

  • 6 private coaching sessions with me

  • Our weekly coaching sessions are 60 minutes via Zoom (video-conference), phone, or in person if you are local to the Portland, Oregon area

  • Step-by-step plans to work through money blocks, declutter, shatter your glass money ceiling, and create a soul-inspired life plan

  • Customized money mindset training that is personalized so you can be successful in a way that feels right for you

  • Exclusive email access to me to support you during the Bootcamp as your mentor

  • Business and career coaching strategies to empower introverted professionals

  • Support and accountability to keep you moving forward, including email check-ins

  • Your investment is $750 if you pay in full or $275/month on our 3 month payment plan


  • Money personality testing

  • Bonus 60 minute private coaching session with a personalized assessment of your money personality testing ($200 value)

  • Choice of a one time Business Strategy & Marketing Review or a Resume Assessment & Review ($300 value)

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Create the life you want and do the work you love without forcing yourself to be someone you're not.  Start using your introvert power and strength. 

You CAN become successful without becoming someone else.  Join me and let's unlock the Business Voodoo of You!